The War Hammer is a sticky bomb launcher used by the Legitimacy Kingdom.


The War Hammer looks like a bullpup assault rifle, but the caliber is quite large at 25mm. As a sticky bomb launcher, the War Hammer fires a jelly-like liquefied explosive plus a fuse that sticks to surfaces like walls, floors, cars or even persons. After that the user only need to pull the wireless trigger for a huge explosion.[1]

The War Hammer has a laser sight.[1]


The Outer GodsEdit

During the Legitimacy Kingdom's mission to rescue Acre Kiss-of-Rose, who had been kidnapped by Nyarlathotep after the end of the Gigant Hustler, Quenser was issued a War Hammer instead of the usual Hand Axe, as the heat of the demilitarized zone of the Panama Canal would melt normal plastic explosives.[1]


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