Valkyrie (ヴァルキリエ Varukirie) are an assassination group within the Faith Organization, tasked with hunting down 'enemies of god'.[1][2]


In Norse mythology, Valkyries are warrior maidens who gather the souls of warriors slain on the battlefield and bring them to Valhalla to become einherjar, as part of Odin's preparations for Ragnarök.


Valkyrie is a global divine punishment unit, fitted with special equipment, which persecutes or executes those who break religious rules, and enforcers of public morals in the Faith Organization. The unit is comprised entirely of women.[3]

The Valkyrie uniform is a black form-fitting uniform with a dark red cross design and trim, as well as high-shaft boots which are held in place by garter belt-like suspenders.[3][4]


Theoretical VeinEdit

Valkyrie was dispatched in order to deal with the excommunicated cardinal Roybelz Oldnick. The unit crossed paths with Quenser Barbotage and Heivia Winchell in the Loyauté District as they searched for their target, briefly considering them as potential enemies before letting them create a distraction for them to do their work, provided they stayed out of the way.[1] The two groups later crossed again in the Solomon District, both in pursuit of Oldnick. After agreeing to cooperate in killing Oldnick, Valkyrie left after the cornered cardinal was vaporized by a shot fired from the Charbetty, leaving the two to face the Object.[2]

The Outer GodsEdit

Valkyrie was deployed during the Gigant Hustler to support the Faith Organization's Self Deception and Sand Cluster. Quenser and Heivia saw the group while they travelled through the area towards the Mobius Infinity. The unit was apparently acting as scouts sent out to observe the infantry at the bottom of the enemy's hierarchy in an attempt to read the intentions and movement patterns of the entire pyramid structure.[5] The duo encountered Valkyrie again some time after the two Faith Organization Objects had already been destroyed. Since they had no way to win the Gigant Hustler by themselves, the unit gave themselves away instead of trying to hide so that the enemy wouldn't try to kill them. Hevia agreed with Quenser and let them go, but his comment of getting their email addresses later in exchange was answered with a warning shot over his head.[6]



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