Thor's Hammer (トールハンマー Tōruhanmā) is a surface-to-air missile network deployed by the Information Alliance in the Northern European Restricted Zone.[1][2][3]


The system's name refers to the hammer wielded by the Norse god of thunder, Thor, called Mjölnir.


A high-precision SAM network referred to as the "sky landmine" (天空の地雷 Tenkū no Jirai). Thor's Hammer launches over 30 missiles at once to cut off its target's escape and slaughter them. The missiles have planetarium-like disturbance armaments attached to their missile heads which cause blindness and headaches in pilots as well as sensor malfunctions, specializing in slowing enemy reactions before hitting under sharp guidance.[2]

Though the missile containers after deployed after the Northern Restricted Zone, they require high-precision radar in order to lock onto fighters. As it would be too expensive to get enough radar units to cover the entire area, several mobile radars disguised as large trucks or school buses head to different deployment on request.[3]

The weapon has terrible cost performance with each missile costing 20,000 dollars.[3]


Girl's Fight at an Altitude of 10,000mEdit

During one of the Ice Squadron's missions in the Northern Restricted Zone, they fell foul of Thor's Hammer, resulting in Mariydi Whitewitch having to bail out of her fighter over enemy territory.[2] After being downed, Mariydi took action against the ground radar to incapacitate the SAMs.[3][4]


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