Synthetic molecular motors (人工分子モーター Jinkō Bunshi Mōtā) is a type of technology used to manipulate objects at the molecular level.[1]


Synthetic molecular motors are a type of technology that applies stress at the molecular level that can draw out or suppress ‘tension’ at the molecular level in reaction to certain kinds of light or electromagnetic waves. It’s said they could be used to further shrink down computers and memory storage devices. If you use combinations of various molecular motors, you can replicate the effects of several diseases, and you'll end up with an artificial disease that acts exactly the same as the real thing. This can be used as a weapon in several different ways due to how you can "program" the disease to trigger when you want it, and since it's artificial you can switch it on and off at will.[2]

For example, the version that appears in the novels is an artificial version of the rabies virus. When the molecular motors are triggered, the affected persons violently attack other people as they go berserk, using primitive violence such as biting instead of using weapons. Additionally, the "infected" are immune to pain and able to ignore non-lethal damage, continuing to move until shot in the head or heart, drawing comparisons to fictional "zombies". One could use this artificial disease to infect 10,000 people and only trigger symptoms in a specific person or you could link it to GPS and program it to make people go berserk only in a certain city while automatically switching off once they left that area.[2] The molecular motors of this versions had been given a greater infection speed than the original pathogen, so it only takes a few seconds after being bitten to lose control and become a "zombie".[3] This particular version is called the Einherjar rabies molecular motors.[4]


At some point in the past, synthetic molecular motors were used to create an artificial version of smallpox. According to Mariydi Whitewitch, it had to fight through a lot of paperwork to even create a tiny amount as a proof of concept for artificial diseases.[5]


Heavy ObjectEdit

Mariydi Whitewitch and Nancy Jolly-Roger were attacked by several Legitimacy Kingdom soldiers under the effect of artificial rabies caused by synthetic molecular motors after they recovered Mariydi's Zig-27's black box.[2] The two used a Legitimacy Kingdom truck to flee the zombies until they reached a Legitimacy Kingdom airbase. The duo used the chaos caused by the zombie attack to steal an S/G-31 from the airbase and flee the area.[3]


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