The Solomon District (ソロモン方面 Soromon Hōmen) is an oceanic territory to north of Oceania and the Loyauté District.[1]


The district, in particular a precious metal ocean mining plant, is funded by the Legitimacy Kingdom, but has long been treated like a blank area due to confusion over the Oceanian military dictatorship. As such, it is not defended by a dedicated Object, though an Object would be deployed to the mining plant in the district during times of unrest.[2]

The ocean mining plant is a floating facility which uses filters to collect precious metals, including tungsten, which are dissolved in ocean water, and then condense them.[3] Over 80% of the facility is made up of 10m square frames of reinforced plastic with hundred of filters inside, floating from multiple drums attached to them, somewhat similar to a cultivation facility.[2]


Theoretical VeinEdit

With his route into Oceania cut off, Roybelz Oldnick fled into the Solomon District during his escape from Valkyrie. He was pursued by Valkyrie and the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion, both with orders to kill him, though the Charbetty was deployed to block the 37th's Baby Magnum. Oldnick fled into the ocean mining plant, which received considerable damage from the Charbetty's attack, and during Quenser and Heivia's plan to destroy the enemy Object.[4]

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