The Soberania District (ソベラニア方面 Soberania Hōmen) is a blank area in Central America, bordering the Panama Canal.[1]


The district borders the Panama Canal on its southern banks, with the Azuero District to the north.[2]

Nyarlathotep settled in the district after faking his death to leave the Outer Gods and raised a family. However Salem Logistics, wishing to seize control of the Panama Canal for their Silver Key service, instigated the Soberania Disturbance and plunged the district into war. Nyarlathotep's family were among the many innocent people killed as a result, causing him to seek revenge against Acre Kiss-of-Rose.[3][4]

Although the Soberania Disturbance was officially a clash between the Soberania and Azuero Districts, the Legitimacy Kingdom sent a number of military advisors to trip up the Capitalist Corporations by training their enemy in things that a regular army would hate.[2]


The Outer GodsEdit

After abducting Acre Kiss-of-Rose in the aftermath of the Gigant Hustler, Nyarlathotep brought the CEO to the Soberania District and his destroyed home, before causing him to die of shock.[4][5] Around the same, the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion was deployed to the region in order to prevent the Legitimacy Kingdom from being blamed if Acre was killed. After members of the unit found Nyarlathotep with Acre's corpse and were unable to dispose of it before being sighted by a drone, a conflict was instigated between the 37th and the Miskatonic, as well as Quenser Barbotage who temporarily split off from the unit in order to prevent Nyarlathotep from being killed in a way which would prevent the conflict from being extinguished. Part way through, the conflict shifted to the other side of the Panama Canal, in the Azuero District.[6]


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