Snow Quake
Snow Quake
Name in Japanese スノウクエイク
Rōmaji Translation Sunoukueiku
» Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 20
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 3
» Technical Specifications
Type Object
» History
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
30th CMB[1]
Status Destroyed

Snow Quake (スノウクエイク Sunoukueiku) was a Legitimacy Kingdom Object, deployed to the Alaska District.[2][3]


In the novel, the Snow Quake is not described.[4] In the anime, the Snow Quake has a spherical main body, with about eight long and thin electrostatic floats attached to its lower body. On both sides of its body the Snow Quake has an arm-like structure, with three large main cannons held under each one. It has two angled protusions of unknown purpose on its back. The Snow Quake also has what seem to be several large targeting devices/lenses; two on each arm (one on top and one in the side), two more on each of the back protusions (one on top and one under it) and one more on top of the main body. Curiously, the Snow Quake seems to lack any visible secondary weapons.[3] It apparently has a total length of 120m with its wing cannons deployed.[1]


In the novel, nothing is mentioned about the Snow Quake's technology other than the fact that it uses an electrostatic propulsion device.[5] In the anime, the effects used for the Snow Quake six main cannons seem to identify them as either coilguns or railguns.[3] It is apparently a second-generation Object, specialized for snowy terrain.[1]


Operating together with the 30th Mobile Maintenance Battalion, the Snow Quake's Elite is the younger sister of the Active Sledge's Elite. The two are famous for their rivalry and quarrels, with the Active Sledge's Elite acting playful towards her rebellious younger sister.[1]

The Snow Quake's main role was to intercept threats coming from the unstable Alaska District to the safe countries in Europe through the North Pole route.[1]


Global ShadowEdit

The Snow Quake was one of the three Objects deployed to fight against the 24th Mobile Maintenance Battalion and its Object, the Indigo Plasma. Its mission was to aproach the enemy Object directly from the land with the 37th's Baby Magnum while the third Object, the Active Sledge, aproached from the sea.[3][4]

Initially, the Indigo Plasma managed to use its superior speed to avoid the two Object's attacks, entering a stalemate. However, this soon changed when the Indigo Plasma used the special gas scattered by the 24th's soldiers to score a hit on the Snow Quake, damaging its propulsion device and slowing it down. Only the intervention of the Baby Magnum pushing it out of the way saved the Snow Quake from being shot by the Indigo Plasma, though this caused the Baby Magnum to receive damage.[4][3]

The Snow Quake tried to continue fighting despite the damage to its propulsion device, but it was ultimately destroyed by the Indigo Plasma and its dummy models.[4]



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