The Slingshot is a missile launcher used by the Legitimacy Kingdom.


The Slingshot is a multipurpose shoulder-fired missile launcher.[1] It can be used to shoot warheads with any number of effects, from normal explosions to instant glue, a special wire net sharp enough to cut off a human finger, liquid nitrogen or even the growth medium for a biological weapon.[1]

It's two sizes larger than a standard Legitimacy Kingdom shoulder-fired missile launcher. It has a small LCD monitor attached to the side. Just like modern laptops, the screen can be removed, allowing someone other than the firer to set up the targeting. Each Slingshot also comes with reinforced plastic cases that contain the rugby ball-shaped missile warheads and cylinders five centimeters wide and thirty centimeters long placed inside waterproof packages. These cylinders contain the powder combination used to fire the missile.[1][2]

The Slingshot can synchronize with the triggers of other Slingshots using Wi-Fi.[1]

It's cutting-edge, but soldiers hate it because it's heavy, fragile, expensive and filled with so much technology that they are not allowed to abandon it on the battlefield.[2]


The Outer GodsEdit

Quenser and Heivia were given a Slingshot during the Gigant Hustler for use during an attempt to immobilize moving parts of the Mobius Infinity using a combination of instant glue and a special wire net. However, the Mobius Infinity was capable of easily intercepting the over a hundred missiles shot by the Legitimacy Kingdom's infantry using its anti-air lasers.[1]

Quenser and Heivia later used their Slingshot to scatter altered ice crystal nanocores near the Mobius Infinity, sabotaging the ice crystal reflectors it used for its main cannons.[3]


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