The Sky Dog(br) 3rd C.E.B. is a unit of the Information Alliance military, attached to the 2nd Generation Object, Gatling 033.[1]


Powered suit unitEdit

The 3rd has a powered suit reconnaissance unit equipped with extremely high performance, high speed cameras. They analyze the minute movements of the enemy Object’s main gun and lenses, and send that information to their Object to help with timing for evasion and defense. Due to their annoying interference, they tend to get targeted first in a battle.[2]

The powered suits can also take up a more direct role and use flamethrowers and other weapons like rockets and gatling guns in battle.[3][4]


Battlefield Cleanup Service

Battlefield Cleanup Service

A group from the unit, led by an operative going by the alias Wydine Uptown, carries out undercover intelligence operations. During the incident instigated by the Legitimacy Kingdom's 24th Mobile Maintenance Battalion in Alaska, the group was posing as a Capitalist Corporations PMC, Battlefield Cleanup Service (戦場お掃除サービス Senjō o Sōji Sābisu).[5][6]

Among their arsenal while posing as Battlefield Cleanup Service, the group had a collection of unmanned vehicles primarily used as radio-controlled reconnaissance devices. The aerial vehicle, Bird (バード Bādo), had wings about 50cm long, and the 6-wheel ground vehicle, Animal (アニマル Animaru), was flat and about 40cm long. They could be equipped with a single-shot rocket launcher to act like a mobile mortars, though the shock from firing the rocket would sometimes destroy the machines.[7]


Heavy ObjectEdit

The 3rd cooperated with the Legitimacy Kingdom's 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion during the coalition operation against the military dictatorship in Oceania.[8]

An Audition WarEdit

During the 37th's operation against the remnants of the Mass Driver Conglomerate in the Amazon District, the 3rd was preparing to invade from the neighboring Parima District.[9]

Global ShadowEdit

The 3rd fought against the 37th in Alaska, over the remains of the Water Strider, ultimately losing following Quenser's deception of their Elite.[10] Later, during the incident instigated Prizewell City Slicker, members of the unit's intelligence section, posing as a Capitalist Corporation PMC, Battlefield Cleanup Service, encountered Quenser and Heivia near the immigrant city, and after being paid with the diamonds Quenser took from the mine on the Kamchatka Peninsula, supported them in their battle against the Indigo Plasma.[5] They later regrouped with the main unit after accomplishing their mission.[6]

Theoretical VeinEdit

Some members acted as bodyguards for their Elite during her walks in Oceania.[11] Later, their commanding officer Lendy Farolito attended the Legitimacy Kingdom 37th's Christmas party to scout Quenser Barbotage due to their Elite's interest in him, but her plans were derailed when she got drunk.[12]

Purge of TechnopicsEdit

The Gatling 033 was one of the Objects deployed by the four global powers to guard the Technopics.[13]

The Outer GodsEdit

The 3rd was one of the two Information Alliance units participating in the Gigant Hustler.[14]



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