Save the Logistics
Name in Japanese セーブ・ザ・ロジティクス
Rōmaji Translation Sēbu Za Rojisutikusu
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 8
» Technical Specifications
Classification Logistics Transportation Support Weapon
Type 2nd Generation specialized in naval battles
» History
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
Status Active

Save the Logistics (セーブ・ザ・ロジティクス Sēbu Za Rojisutikusu) is a Second Generation Legitimacy Kingdom Object.[1]


Save the Logistics has a giant spherical main body covered in boxy containers.[1]


Save the Logistics is an experimental second generation model with an emphasis on transporting supplies. As it was too much of a hassle to send multiple Objects to protect fragile transport fleets on long journeys, the Legitimacy Kingdom had tried to design an Object to which the containers could be directly attached.[1]

Ultimately, the extra weight had raised the Object's damage rate during high-speed battles and the extremely high Gs of the evasive actions had crushed the contents of the containers, so it had not gotten much use. As such, it's primarily used for missions other than transporting supplies, such as escorting criminals with a risk of attack or escape during transport, like mafia bosses or terrorist ringleaders.[1]


  • Class: Logistics Transportation Support Weapon [2]
  • Type: 2nd Generation specialized in naval battles [2]
  • Length: 102m [2]
  • Armor Material: 5cm x 200 layers (Including welding impurities) [2]
  • Propulsion Engine: Electrostatic propulsion + naval floats [2]
  • Top Speed: 490km/h (Fully loaded) [2]
  • Main Armament: Low-stability plasma cannon x 2 [2]
  • Secondary Armament: Laser beams, coilguns, etc [2]
  • Main Color: Black [2]


Dominion 70%Edit

Save the Logistics was used to transport prisoners into the Chateau de Rouge, an artificial island on the New Caledonia District used as a prison. Quenser used it to infiltrate the prison and meet Mariage Nightcap.[1]


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