Sand Cluster
Name in Japanese サンドクラスター
Rōmaji Translation Sandokurasutā
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 10
» Technical Specifications
Classification Long Range Tactical Situation Suppression Weapon
Type 2nd Generation Amphibious
» History
Affiliation/s Faith Organization
Status Destroyed

The Sand Cluster (サンドクラスター Sandokurasutā) (real name unknown) is a Faith Organization Object which participated in the Gigant Hustler.[1]


Its one main cannon is attached to the very front of the spherical body. Several giant, speaker-like gravitational control devices and iron sand launchers are attached to the left and right sides. It uses an air cushion propulsion device, two of the floats extend from the center to the left and right, and four others extend diagonally backwards.[2]


The Sand Cluster is a second generation Object equipped with an air cushion engine and a low-stability plasma main cannon. It can control its low-stability plasma cannons with massive amounts of magnetism. The cannon itself can spread out like a fan which allows for a number of tricky cannon techniques such as diffused plasma blasts, disseminating magnetized iron sand through the air, or curving the plasma’s trajectory a little to better target the enemy.[2]


  • Class: Long Range Tactical Situation Suppression Weapon
  • Type: 2nd Generation Amphibious
  • Length: 125m (Standard float deployment)
  • Armor Material: 2cm x 500 layers (Including welding impurities)
  • Propulsion Engine: Air cushion propulsion system
  • Top Speed: 580km/h
  • Main Armament: Low-stability plasma cannon x 1
  • Secondary Armament: Laser beams, low-stability plasma cannons, magnetic force control device for main cannon distortion, sand projection device, etc
  • Main Color: Yellow


The Outer GodsEdit

The Sand Cluster was one of the two Objects sent by the Faith Organization to the Gigant Hustler, together with the Self Deception.[2] At the start of the Gigant Hustler, the Sand Cluster was attacked by the Capitalist Corporations' mechanized combat engineers using multiple rocket launchers, a move speculated by Heivia to be an attempt to judge its interception accuracy. The Sand Cluster intercepted all rockets despite them not being a threat, but it didn't bother to shoot back at the infantry.[3]

After the Legitimacy Kingdom pretended to have interfered with the Mobius Infinity's main cannons, the Sand Cluster was one of the Objects that moved in to attack it,[4] but it and the Self Deception were easily destroyed by the Mobius Infinity's main cannons.[5]


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