Name in Japanese ロイス
Rōmaji Translation Roisu
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 4
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed daughter
Classification Journalist
Affiliation/s Information Alliance
Status Active

Royce (ロイス Roisu) is an Information Alliance journalist.[1]


Royce is depicted as having brown hair with a beard, parting and exposed forehead. He also wears a dark blue shirt with a loose black tie.[2]


Royce is someone who acts for both business and private reasons, as a journalist using information in the best way and a father caring for the safety of his daughter.[3]


Royce has a daughter who is in the military and hasn't yet entered junior high school, who apparently has domineering speech patterns and laughs due to adults around her egging her on for fun.[1]


Theoretical VeinEdit

During December, Royce visited Oceania to see the place his daughter was deployed to for himself, and ended up intercepting a transmission from an anti-Object terrorist group,[1] learning of their plans to use a Craft Salamander III missile to take out the maintenance soldiers for an Object and then the Object itself.[3] Fighting to stop them and getting chased down, he ended up getting Heivia Winchell caught up the events as well.[1] Together, they managed to divert the missile to over the desert where it could be safely dealt with by the Speed Killer.[4]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As from skills as a journalist, Royce is capable of intercepting radio transmissions.[1]


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