The Royal Techno Academy (王立テクノアカデミー Ōritsu Tekunoakademī) is the highest academical and scientific institution in the Legitimacy Kingdom, located in Paris, Normandy District.[1]


The academy operates on an escalator formula, including university, elementary and middle school levels. It serves a huge training institution for the future human resources of the kingdom's military industry.[1]


War Arises from Knowledge and the EducatedEdit

Having been enrolled at the academy before going to the battlefield,[1][2] Quenser Barbotage visited the Royal Techno Academy again when he returned to his home country during a one week vacation from the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion. A strike was apparently taking place at the time, and the teachers and students were fighting each other for control of the school building, with homemade lasers and railguns being fired all over the place.[1][3]



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