Rose & Lily
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 11
» Technical Specifications
Classification Luxury cruiser
» History
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
Winchell family
Vanderbilt family

The Rose & Lily is a two-hulled luxury cruise ship.[1]


The Rose & Lily is a two-hulled cruise ship, constructed from two vessels measuring 400m long, lined up side-by-side with several passageways connecting them. The portside hull bears the crest of the Winchell family (the rose) while the starboard hull bears the Vanderbilt crest (the lily). A single sword is stabbed into the middle of the central connecting passageway, likely in reference to some story regarding the two families and their conflict.[1]


As the Rose & Lily was made large to secure more storage and deck space, it has increased resistance against waves and water which reduces its fuel efficiency.[1] Like other luxury cruise ships, it has a large server and satellite communications facility for day trading and casino card readers.[2]


The Rose & Lily was apparently constructed based on the desire for the feuding Winchell and Vanderbilt families to get along, being named after the two flowers used in the two families' crests.[3]


Dance with Noble SisterEdit

During the Celestial Flowers firework festival in the South Atlantic, the Rose & Lily was acting as a boarding ship for nobles and targeted by the Destruction Fes, aiming to kill the Vanderbilt's daughter.[1][2] Near the conclusion of the battle, a confrontation occurred on the deck between the Vanderbilt's daughter with the Winchell maids and Flag Eggnog's group. When Heivia Winchell arrived to rescue his fiancé, Flag grabbed the sword stabbed into the passageway, but was unable to avoid his death.[3]


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