Rockbelt Deansgate
Name in Japanese ロックベルト=ディーンズゲート
Rōmaji Translation Rokkuberuto Dīnzugēto
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 4
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Classification Lieutenant Colonel
Affiliation/s Capitalist Corporations
Status Active

Lieutenant Colonel Rockbelt Deansgate (ロックベルト=ディーンズゲート Rokkuberuto Dīnzugēto) is a commander in the Capitalist Corporations military.[1]


Dean's Gate is a cocktail made from white rum, Drambuie liqueur and lime juice. Deansgate is also the name of the main road running through Manchester, England.





Theoretical VeinEdit

Shortly after Quenser and Heivia infiltrated the Charbetty's maintenance base, claiming to be delivering components, due to the short time since the last Shadow Code delivery and the items not arriving caused Rockbelt to grow suspicious and patrol to find the delivery handcart. On inspecting the bottles in the handcart, he immediately determined they were fake and raised the alarm.[1]

Contacting his subordinates in the maintenance building, Rockbelt was told that no suspicious people had been seen entering but shortly afterwards heard the Charbetty's defragmentation speed had dropped. Considering the possibilities, with the risk of having to redo everything from initial setting and be vulnerable to attack in the mean time, Rockbelt had them continue the process. When his subordinate suggested bringing in some additional hardwore to distribute work and prevent damage to the data, Rockbelt nearly approved it but on hearing that the subsystem machines were not in the maintenance building but in one of the storage buildings, he determined the intruders were causing the problem so the equipment and personnel would be brought into the building, and ordered the maintenance building's entrance locked down.[1]

When Rockbelt and his men located Quenser and Heivia, they had succeeded in stopping the computer defrag by heating the computer from behind the wall with a burner. Faced with the threat of an attack from the enemy's Object with their own Object crippled, Rockbelt was forced to let the two go, executing a second lieutenant who tried to argue against it, but warned them that they had given them and the Charbetty enough of a reason to go after them, and that they should assume nowhere would be safe.[1]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


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