The Rio Grande District (リオグランデ方面 Riogurande Hōmen) is a desert region located in Central America.


As the district acts as the entrance to the home countries of both the Capitalist Corporations to the west and the Information Alliance to the east, it is the site of a territorial dispute between the two world powers, and for over thirty years, it has been in a state where a slight disturbance could easily trigger a war.[1]

Runnning through the district is the large-scale demilitarized zone known as the Greater Canyon, a 200km wide blank zone extending down the center of North America, from north to south, dividing the Capitalist Corporations and the Information Alliance.[1]


Dance with Noble SisterEdit

After a Legitimacy Kingdom transport plane was shot down by Sky Blue's Ice Squadron and crashed in the demilitarized zone, the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion were dispatched to carry out a rescue, assisted by members of the Black Uniform Special Platoon 15.[1] During the operation, the Baby Magnum fought the Capitalist Corporations Object Antlion.[2]

On reaching the wreckage however, Quenser and Heivia discovered that the containers the plane had been transporting held plants used to grow Colorful Vanilla, a drug which was causing a crisis in the Capitalist Corporations.[3] Being involved in the drug war, members from the Special 15th attempted to erase the evidence with white phosphorous grenades but were thwarted.[4] Afterwards, the 37th pulled out.[5][6]

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