Princess Nikolaschka
Name in Japanese プリンセスニコラシカ
Rōmaji Translation Purinsesunikorashika
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 11
» Technical Specifications
Classification Venus-class space station
» History
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
Organization for the Peaceful Use of Space

The Princess Nikolaschka (プリンセスニコラシカ Purinsesunikorashika) is a Venus-class civilian space station of the Legitimacy Kingdom's Organization for the Peaceful Use of Space.[1][2]


A Nikolaschka is a cognac brandy-based cocktail, typically served as an after-dinner drink. Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty, as well as the second planet of the solar system.


The station has a thick cylindrical main shaft with lab modules and solar panels installed at right angles around it, as well as slave shafts branching off with more facilities similarly attached. It resembles a fishing hole's fish tank made from rectangular wooden frames connected together, so those aboard it call it the "Fish Tank". The extra frames extend from the main shaft at 120 degree intervals.[1]


Classified as a Venus-class (ヴィーナス級 Vu~īnasu-kyū) space station, the Princess Nikolaschka possesses various systems typical of a space station, such as life support, solar panels, as well as a number of laboratories.

The station also has a railgun-type safety device known as the Debris Homer, which rather than firing shells from its barrel, opens wide and releases a field of power to shoot back debris without touching it, in order to protect the station from debris arriving at several km/s. It can also be used to bend streams of the solar wind towards Earth to produce artificial auroras.[1]


The space station was created and operated by the Legitimacy Kingdom's Organization for the Peaceful Use of Space (宇宙平和利用機構 Uchū Heiwa Riyō Kikō), a civilian space development organization.[1]


Dance with Noble SisterEdit

The Princess Nikolaschka was involved in a collaboration with the Celestial Flowers festival, and was scheduled to create an artificial aurora as one of the events in the firework festival.[3] Due to the threat of the Destruction Fes, the station was commandeered to use the aurora's electromagnetic interference to disrupt the Object's systems.[1] Shortly afterwards, the station came under attack from soldiers working for Azureyfear Winchell's faction and a satellite-destroying satellite, incapacitating the Debris Homer.[2]

After fending off the attackers, the astronauts, following Quenser's instructions on the hatch of the Destruction Fes, managed to subvert the Orchestra System and gain control of the Object, bringing it to a stop.[4]




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