Piranirie Martini Smoky
Name in Japanese ピラニリエ=マティーニ=スモーキー
Rōmaji Translation Piranirie Matīni Sumōkī
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 14
» Personal Info
Gender Female
Age Around 13[1]
Classification Lieutenant Colonel[2]
Affiliation/s Information Alliance
Martini Series
Status Deceased

Piranirie Martini Smoky (ピラニリエ=マティーニ=スモーキー Piranirie Matīni Sumōkī) was a member of the Information Alliance's Martini Series.[1][3][4][2][5][6][7][8]


As well as a surname, a Martini is a cocktail usually made from vermouth (an aromatized wine) and gin (vodka for some variations), as well as a brand of vermouth. A Smoky Martini is a variant of the cocktail with the vermouth replaced with scotch whiskey.


Piranirie was a short girl with wavy black hair. She wore a sailor uniform with a blue parade coat with gold stitching on top of it. The coat's sleeves were baggy enough on her that only her fingertips poked out and the hem was dragged along the floor, accentuating how short she was.[1]


Being a product of the Martini Series, Piranirie inherited certain traits from the original model, Cassandra Martini, who was a rational killer.[9] This rational aspect led Piranirie to enforce Capulet's decisions regardless of its mistakes, accepting that it was easier if she ignored matters of good and evil, effectively becoming a slave to the machine.[5]


Piranirie was one of the Martini series genius girls produced by Project Whiz Kid, ranked #7 among them. Her assigned administrative role was to smoothly restart wars which have stalled due to restrictions of various treaties, power balances, habitats of protected species, and other things.[4]


Project Whiz KidEdit

Piranirie Martini Smoky led Information Alliance forces during the battle at New Caribbean Island over Katarina Martini. At the same time, she also had an attack carried out on Manhattan, through bomb clouds created by the Laser Beam 069, in accordance with Capulet's conclusions.[1][5] She was fatally injured after Quenser Barbotage's trap with an oil-based smokescreen caused the Laser Beam 069's nitrogen laser to bend and strike the control room she was in.[7][8]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Being a member of the Martini Series, Piranirie possesses enhanced capabilities.