Olive Garden (オリーブガーデン Orībugāden) is an alternative fuel plant and floating casino located just off the coast of Malta.[1]


Olive Garden is an alternative fuel plant which uses oil produced from olive fields rather than petroleum to produce energy. It is also a world-class floating casino, known for buying back chips for barrels of oil instead of cash.[1]

It is located on a five kilometer square of reclaimed land, connected to the mainland by a single large bridge. An artificial beach is located at the end of the reclaimed land.[2]


Olive Garden was one of a number of developments along the Mediterranean by the company Elizabeth Schnozzle is associated with, as part of their attempt to regain their lost place in the corporate group after Second Venice's success threw off the balance. Olive Garden was one of the few developments among them to remain in the back, apparently partially due to the Legitimacy Kingdom's Resort & Dolce group applying pressure from outside.[1]


0.01mm WarEdit

The time of the devastation and blockade of Second Venice, the floating city was 50km to the south of Olive Garden. On the fifth day of the incident, a group from the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion slipped past the blockade to Olive Garden in order to obtain the antidote for Argeiphontes.[1][2]


  • Olympus (オリュンポス Oryunposu)[2]



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