Oceania (オセアニア Oseania) is a region located in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of the landmass formerly known as Australia and the nearby islands.[1]


At some point after the fall of the United Nations and Australia ceasing to be a country, a military dictatorship came to power in Oceania. The Oceanian military nation (オセアニア軍事国 Oseania Gunji Kuni) carried out a large scale plan to improve Oceania's environment, using artificial soils with high water retention and genetically modified plants to grow in harsh climates, in order to develop the previously barren inner lands to produce large amounts of crops, and use the profit to enhance its economy.[1]

Two years ago, a coalition force intervened when the military nation deployed an Object, developed from stolen technology and designs provided by the MIB,[2] against the indigenous tribes who were protesting against the military nations' conversion of Oceania's land and natural environment, an operation that was referred to as Forest Conservation.[1]


Heavy ObjectEdit

Following actions made by the military nation, the coalition force attempted to crush the dictatorship in Oceania.[1] The leader of the military nation was killed when the Generation 0.5 he was piloting was destroyed by Quenser Barbotage and Heivia Winchell.[3][4][5][6]

Theoretical VeinEdit

A few months after the fall of the military dictatorship, during a period of coalition restoration, Roybelz Oldnick cooperated with the Capitalist Corporations on a plot to drive down the value of platinum in Oceania and deprive it of funds to purchase facilities from the Information Alliance to combat their unstable food supply problem, at a time when they were largely relying on imported meat from the Capitalist Corporations.[7][8]

The Police of GhostsEdit

In March, the MIB attempted to take over Oceania, using deception and force, as part of their plan to reclaim their position as the "world police".[9]

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