Name in Japanese ニャルラトホテプ
Rōmaji Translation Nyaruratohotepu
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 10
» Personal Info
Classification Spy (former)
Affiliation/s Outer Gods (former)

Nyarlathotep (ニャルラトホテプ Nyaruratohotepu)(real name unknown) is a former operative of the Capitalist Corporations intelligence agency Outer Gods.[1]


Nyarlathotep, also referred to as the Crawling Chaos, is a cosmic entity and one of the Outer Gods who appears in the Cthulhu Mythos. Nyarlathotep is a manipulative being with a thousand forms that acts as Azathoth's agent and messenger of the Outer Gods.


Nyarlathotep is depicted as blue eyes and parted dark blue hair.[2] He is described as having features that are realistic yet awkward, like a doll with thin rubber coating, the result of undergoing repeated cosmetic surgery and allowing slight marks to accumulate. His features look fine normally but the distortion becomes apparent when his facial muscles move too much.[3]


Nyarlathotep is able to keep a cool head in most situations, barely changing his expressions. Even when faced with the person responsible of the death of his wife and son, his voice remained flat and devoid of any sign of anger, sounding like dripping coal tar. The combination of his calm voice and unchanging expressions made for a more terrifying impression than someone shouting angrily.[4] Nyarlathotep is able to calmly analyze a situation even while facing an Object, something that leaves normal people petrified.

He similarly acted politely even while under the abuse of his captors from the Legitimacy Kingdom.[5] Despite his cruel methods and violent past, Nyarlathotep is not an evil person at heart, as he saved Quenser's life[5] and later collaborated with him to stop the Miskatonic to take responsibility for his actions.[6] He was also willing to die as atonement for his personal revenge nearly causing a global conflict that could have destroyed the concept of Clean Wars.[7]


In the past, Nyarlathotep served as a member of the Outer Gods, carrying out many missions as a spy and faking his death many times as well. However, after Azathoth became CEO of Salem Logistics as Acre Kiss-of-Rose and the structure of the Outer Gods became distorted, Nyarlathotep grew dissatisfied with the organization and faked his death again in order to leave and start anew, sealing his spy abilities away with self-suggestion. He eventually settled down in the Soberania District, married and had a son. His wife worked as a member of the Blue Cross and his son was about to start school at five. However, due to Acre's desire for the control of the Panama Canal for his company's Silver Key service, Salem Logistics instigated the Soberania Disturbance, which led to the death of Nyarlathotep's family and him swearing vengeance against his former boss, the seal having broken a few seconds too late.[8][4]


The Outer GodsEdit

Following the defeat of the Crown of the Northern Lights, Nyarlathotep picked up Yog-Sothoth from the White Sea District by submarine. After commenting on the results of the incident and the emergence of the Sixth Branch, he revealed his identity to her.[3]

During the Gigant Hustler, Nyarlathotep infiltrated the battlefield and engineered a water leak from an underground vein, disrupting the Baby Magnum's movements and affecting the flow of the battle.[9][10] Following the Gigant Hustler's cancellation, he abducted Acre Kiss-of-Rose by posing as his driver and tricking his security service into tricking their boss had made a change of plans.[11]

Nyarlathotep then brought Acre to his destroyed home in the Soberania District,[4] before causing him to die from shock. After a team from the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion was decimated after discovering the corpse and being sighted by a Capitalist Corporations drone, Nyarlathotep was saved from being executed by an enraged Heivia by Quenser who planned to get him to the Blue Cross and to an international court in order to reveal the truth and avert a devastating war. He assisted Quenser against the Miskatonic before the two were captured.[12]

Afterwards, Nyarlathotep was subjected to a farcical military trial by the Legitimacy Kingdom in order to avert war with the Capitalist Corporations. He then killed the assassin sent to silence him in his cell and faked his death once again, before departing to elsewhere.[7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nyarlathotep is an expert spy, skilled at deception and manipulation, being able to engineer a complex chain of events with global effects in order to achieve his goals, such that he can easily abduct someone with power rivaling a head of state.[11] Nyarlathotep is also an expert at faking his own death, having done so many times, even being able to deceive his former boss.[8]

Nyarlathotep has some degree of knowledge of hypnotism, as he was able to seal his own deadly skills as a spy through self-suggestion in order to live a normal life after faking his death and leaving the Outer Gods.[4]


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