The Northern European Restricted Zone or Northern Restricted Zone (北欧禁猟区 Hokuō Kinryō-ku) is a region located in Scandinavia, where Objects are forbidden by international treaties and conventional warfare is still waged.


As Objects are forbidden from the Northern European Restricted Zone by international treaties, wars are still fought and won by flesh-and-blood soldiers using normal weapons and vehicles. The soldiers that fight here are generally superior to the soldiers that have grown to rely on Objects.[1]

Companies known to operate in the Northern European Restricted Zone include Sky Blue and Moss Green.[2][1] Other groups functioning in the area include the Northern European Restricted Zone Peaceful Development Cooperation Council (北欧禁猟区平和的開発事業協力会議 Hokuō Kinryō-ku Heiwa-teki Kaihatsu Jigyō Kyōryoku Kaigi) and the Scandinavian Cultural Heritage Preservation Committee (北欧文化遺産保全委員会 Hokuō Bunka Isan Hozen Iinkai).[3]

One of the regions known to border the Northern European Restricted Zone is the White Sea District, sandwiched between it and the Volga District.[4]


Girl's Fight at an Altitude of 10,000mEdit

Mariydi Whitewitch is shot down over the Northern Restricted Zone in the process of protecting her team from Thor's Hammer and lands in enemy territory. Due to communication interceptions made by her fighter, she ends up facing a conspiracy to destroy Valhalla.[3]



  • The weapons and technology exclusive to the Northern Restricted Zone do not follow the standard naming conventions used by the four world powers, instead all being named after subjects from Norse mythology.


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