The Normandy District (ノルマンディー方面 Norumandī Hōmen) is a territory of the Legitimacy Kingdom, considered the faction's 'home country' and the most powerful of the 'safe countries'.[1]


The district extends beyond the boundaries of the former region known as Normandy, including the area where the capital city Paris is located.[2]


Heavy ObjectEdit

Following their destruction of the Water Strider, Quenser Barbotage and Heivia Winchell returned to the Normandy District from Alaska, together with Milinda Brantini and Froleytia Capistrano, where they attended a special award ceremony before being sent back to the battlefield.[3][4] In the aftermath of the coalition operation in Oceania, Froleytia returned to the Normandy District in order to confront Councilor Flide over his actions. Quenser and Heivia, having accompanied her, ended up facing Flide's secret personal Object.[1]

An Audition WarEdit

The Baby Magnum was scheduled to participate in a mock battle against the Bright Hopper in the Normandy District, one which Milinda was intended to lose to prove the power of the Object, one month from time of the 37th's operation against the Mass Driver Conglomerate in the Iguazu District.[5][6] The duel never occurred as the Bright Hopper was destroyed by the Mass Driver Conglomerate's Lisolette.[7][8][9]

War arises from Knowledge and the EducatedEdit

In late spring, Quenser returned to the Normandy District, his home country, briefly for a one week vacation.[10][11] During this time, he visited the Royal Techno Academy and encountered Monica again.[11]


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