Name in Japanese ニュースメーカー
Rōmaji Translation Nyūsumēkā
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 10
» Personal Info
Classification Factory manager
Affiliation/s Crown of the Northern Lights
Status Middle-aged[1][2]

Newsmaker (ニュースメーカー Nyūsumēkā) (real name unknown) was the chief of a factory supplying arms to terrorists and a member of the Crown of the Northern Lights.[3]


Newsmaker is depicted as having spiky blonde hair, swept up and back. He wears a blue uniform with a grey jacket and trousers.[4]


Newsmaker is described as stubborn and picky about his field of expertise.[2]


At some point, Newsmaker came into contact with the Outer Gods operative Yog-Sothoth.[3] They attempted to make use of their weapon's factory to use Yog-Sothoth's stolen blueprints to produce "invisible bombs",[1] so as to paralyze administrative functions and increase social unrest in the safe countries, helping them to achieve their goals without any bloodshed through psychological warfare. However they were unable to recreate the bombs as the Crown of the Northern Lights' technological level was too low, instead making Flying Fish manned missiles to crush the enemy's psyche through self-sacrifice.[2][5]


The Outer GodsEdit

As the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion began their operation on the Crown of the Northern Lights' weapons factory in the White Sea District, Newsmaker put his suicidal plan into motion, despite Yog-Sothoth's attempts to convince him not to go through with it.[2][5]

After destroying the vital assets of the weapons factory, Newsmaker attempt to join his men in using the Flying Fish as manned missiles against the Baby Magnum, in order to bring about the birth of the Sixth Branch. However his kamikaze attack was thwarted after Quenser Barbotage managed to convince Yog-Sothoth to give them back access to their satellite network, which they used together with some of their enemy's own weapons to stop Newsmaker without killing him, knocking out the electronic systems on his craft.[3][6]


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