Never Gave Up - Anime Cover

CD release's anime version cover

Never Gave Up is the second opening theme for the Heavy Object anime, and is performed by ALL OFF.[1]


The song was composed, arranged and performed by ALL OFF, with lyrics by Sohey. It is due to be released on CD on February 10th 2016, in two different versions, an anime version and an artist version.[1] The artist edition is comprised of 1 CD, ID number 1000591381. The anime edition has 2 discs, 1 CD and 1 DVD with the artist video and the creditless anime opening, ID number 1000591382.[1]

It was first featured in Episode 13 of the anime, succeeding One More Chance!! as the opening theme.[2]


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  • In the opening, Westy is depicted with brown hair like in the novels, while in the anime itself she is depicted with blonde hair instead.[3]
  • The opening initially had "Oh ho ho" with her projected appearance, but switched to her true appearance after it was revealed at the end of Episode 15.[4]

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