Moss Green (モスグリーン Mosugurīn), full name Moss Green co. ltd (モスグリーン Mosugurī is a land war PMC from the Northern European Restricted Zone.[1]


Moss Green's primary business is in land wars, but they have been expanding their business to naval operations, especially landings. They are apparently quite infamous, as Heivia recognized their uniform on sight by just a quick glimpse, claiming the Capitalist Corporations had sent someone "amazing".[1]

Due to operating in the Northern Restricted Zone, where Objects are forbidden and wars are fought in the conventional manner, Moss Green's combatants are generally more competent than typical soldiers in other parts of the world.[1] Their saboteurs managed to infiltrate the Ame-no-Darin through the heliport by tricking the guards with spoofed identifiers.[1] Their soldiers during that mission included at least one sniper who used microwave equipment that reacts to motion so as to operate without a spotter.[2] Moss Green's soldiers also use 25mm grenade launchers.[3]


Moss Green has been expanding their business to naval operations, and they intended for the operation in the Island Nation's civil war to be a promotion about their new services.[1]


Dominion 70%Edit

Moss Green carried out an attack on the occupied Ame-no-Darin with support from Sky Blue, clashing with forces from the Legitimacy Kingdom's 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion in the process. They succeeded in sinking the island, though their commander was defeated by Quenser and Heivia.[4][5]



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