The Morning Star is a grenade machine gun used by the Legitimacy Kingdom.


The Morning Star is a 150cm[1] grenade machine gun, basically a weapon that fires coffee can-sized grenades like a machine gun. The grenades have a radius of 10 meters.[2] It also has a secondary 5mm sniper round that is used when the enemy is near a hostage or computer. Since it's heavy and has a lot of recoil, it's usually fixed on a stand or attached to a helicopter or armored vehicle, though a powered suit is able to carry one.[3]

While it's known for holding the high score in attacks on terrorist compounds, the Morning Star is also infamous for topping the list for friendly fire, as it creates a storm of anti-personnal shrapnel that fills up narrow areas inside buildings that are lethal to anyone not wearing a powered suit.[3]


The Coming of Third GenerationEdit

The Perfect Idol, a squadmate of Quenser and Heivia during their time with the Background Unit, was armed with a Morning Star.[3]

The powered suit soldiers that had kidnapped Mikfa under Dimiksy's orders during the Royal Duel for the Volga District throne were also armed with Morning Stars.[4]


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