The Moon is the Earth's natural satellite and one of the larger natural satellites in the solar system.


As the moon doesn't have a thick atmosphere like the Earth, there is no protection from the effects of sunlight and extreme temperature variations in a single day.[1] The vacuum environment also means that people cannot survive on the moon outside of a spacesuit or specifically constructed and controlled habitations.

Blind NetEdit

The Blind Net (ブラインドネット Buraindo Netto) is a structure which was set up as part of a terraforming experiment on the lunar surface. It consists of two huge hemisphere-shaped net-like structures, made out of semitransparent variable photonic crystal wires, one larger than the other. The two nets are used to regulate the amount of sunlight which reaches the surface and also polarize the radiation reaching the surface from the sun.[1]

Many of the buildings on the moon have been built on the assumption that they would be protected by the Blind Net, and are not made to withstand the extreme environment and temperature variations normally found on the moon. According to Heivia, there is a rumor that the structure might be used in the ReTerra Project to combat global warning.[1]


At the time of the series, the moon has been colonized with the Capitalist Corporations and Legitimacy Kingdom having villas there for the elite and wealthy.[2][3]


An Audition WarEdit

Agents from the Mass Driver conglomerate attempted to use a satellite laser in order to destroy a lunar villa and kill a major general from the Capitalist Corporations who was present there. The attack was thwarted by Quenser Barbotage and Heivia Winchell after they learned that Heivia's fiancé was also at the lunar villa.[1][4]


  • Rock Castle (ロックキャッスル Rokkukyassuru)

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