The Mirror of Truth (真実の鏡 Shinjitsu no Kagami) is a piece of technology from the Information Alliance, appearing in the Heavy Object anime.[1][2]


The Mirror of Truth is a technology based in the field of mental interference and perception distortion. Through an audio-visual transmission, it is meant to twist the perception of an Elite, utilizing a backdoor created by their conditioning and mental calibration, such that they perceive situations and instructions in the most negative way,[1] and focused towards a single command, such as "attack".[2] Once the effects are applied, continual interference from the Object perpetuates them, and they can only be changed via the Mirror of Truth and its control keys. However the effects will wear off once the Elite is out of the Object.[2]

The experimental technology was intended by the Information Alliance as a means to control rebellious Elites.[2]


A Requiem for the Flowers Blooming in the Field (Anime-Only)Edit

The Mirror of Truth was one of two pieces of stolen technology that Lendy Farolito's unit was assigned to deal with, together with the strategic AI data stolen by the Legitimacy Kingdom's 24th Mobile Maintenance Battalion.[3] The technology fell into the hands of the former councilor turned fugitive Flide, who made use of it during the exchange of the religious leader Klondike in the Alps attended by forces from the four world powers, twisting the perception of Milinda Brantini and effectively sending the Baby Magnum haywire, in an attempt to spark a conflict between the world powers.[1]

With the control key lost with Flide, most considered the only option to destroy the Baby Magnum and Milinda with it, however Quenser Barbotage was able to carry out an alternative plan to damage the Baby Magnum enough that it would. With the help of the Gatling 033 and the 37th's maintenance crew, a spare cannon shot a shell containing CVD materials, which were ingested into the gun barrels when the shell was shot down near the Baby Magnum. They underwent a reaction as the cannons were fired, creating reflective surfaces inside the barrel, disrupting the internal balance and leading to the cannon exploding when next fired, dealing enough damage for Milinda to be ejected from the Object, causing the effects of the Mirror of Truth to wear off.[2]


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