Meena Stinger
Name in Japanese ミーナ=スティンガー
Rōmaji Translation Mīna Sutingā
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 11
» Personal Info
Gender Female
Classification Black Uniform
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
Black Uniform Special Platoon 15
Status Deceased

Lieutenant Meena Stinger (ミーナ=スティンガー Mīna Sutingā) was a member of the Legitimacy Kingdom's Black Uniform Special Platoon 15.[1]


A Stinger is a type of cocktail comprised of crème de menthe mixed with a spirit, the classic recipe using brandy.


Meena is described as a young woman with short blonde hair, glasses and large breasts. As with the rest of her unit, she wears the distinctive black uniform that indicates her position.[2][1]



At some point in the past, Meena and the rest of the Special 15th who were tasked with tackling drug trade became involved in the drug war themselves.[3][4]


Dance with Noble SisterEdit

Meena and her unit performed a surprise inspection of the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion in the Rio Grande District ahead of Azureyfear Winchell's visit, confiscating many items from the soldiers, incurring Froleytia's wrath in the process by taking her kiseru.[2] Before making a list of the confiscated items, Meena, feeling the desert heat, took a bath with a swimsuit and pool from among them. As she was about to resume her work, she was caught off-guard by Quenser, who had been secretly dispatched by Froleytia as part of the 37th's attempt to reclaim the items taken from the, and blackmailed with the threat of her breach of uniform rules being revealed.[5] Afterwards, she attended the 37th's briefing for the rescue of the downed transport plane, informing them that personnel from the Special 15th would be assisting in the mission.[1]

During the operation, after Froleytia obtained information on the discovery of ergots for Colorful Vanilla in the wreckage of the transport plane through her secret channel, she brought up the drug war to Meena who described her unit's role and the problems brought about by the drug war. When asked if she knew about some white phosphorous grenades which had gone missing, Meena claimed she didn't know,[6] though they had actually been taken by members of the 15th to destroy evidence.[3] After the 37th withdrew, Meena was confronted by Froleytia on the 15th's involvement in the drug war. She tried to argue her case to Froleytia but was sniped mid-conversation by Azureyfear.[4][7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


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