The Martini Series (マティーニシリーズ Matīnishirīzu) is a group of genius girls produced by an Information Alliance military project.


The Martini Series are the product of the Information Alliance's Project Whiz Kid.[1] The objective of the project is to use symbolism to manipulate their soldiers. By showing a delicate, weak, lovely, and fair maiden working towards the war, the people will confuse their desire to protect her with a desire to fight.[2]

The thousands of girls raised by this project all share the surname Martini and some unconscious habits drilled into them like spinning a pen as a mental stabilization action.[3] Their upbringing is said to be among the most severe within the four world powers.[1]


The Police of GhostsEdit

Wraith Martini Vermouthspray was present during the events which occurred in Oceania in February involving the conflict arising from the Legitimacy Kingdom's 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion dealing with a trafficking organization which had the cooperation of an Information Alliance unit and the machinations of the MIB.[4][3]

Dance with Noble SisterEdit

Three sisters of the Martini Series were involved in the events which occurred near the Cape of Good Hope in July, present in a lifeboat disguised among the lifeboats and debris from enemy wrecks due to the Laser Cracker 001.[1] Beforehand, they manipulated Prince Flag Eggnog in order to obtain sample data on nobles for the Perfect Browsing project. Near the conclusion of the attack on the Celestial Flowers, the sisters contacted Flag and revealed their goals and manipulation before leaving him to his ruin, noting that they'd now obtain sample data on the full-speed collapse of a royal's life.[1]




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