The MIB were a group who claimed to be the successors of the CIA and sought to establish themselves as the "world police", attempting to take over Oceania.[1][2]


The MIB preferred to use the acronym beginning with M, the name of an intelligence agency rumored in urban legend to suppress the truth by threatening witnesses of UFOs and aliens, rather than the acronym beginning with C, because they considered themselves not yet worthy of using the true name, having nothing to be the center of, intending to wait until they had reestablished themselves as the "world police" before doing so.[1]

The MIB perform their operational cases, numerically designated, with one of their agents chosen to supervise the case. When the case is complete, even if the case was successful, they kill the supervisor and dispose of any evidence in order to suppress information and cut off any trail leading back to them.[3][4][1]

The MIB agents operate under codenames, these names consisting of one of the former United States of America and a number.[3][4][1]


At some point, the MIB supplied stolen technology and designs to the military dictatorship in Oceania, allowing them to build their Generation 0.5.[5]


The Police of GhostsEdit

In March, the MIB attempted to take over Oceania, using deception and force, as part of their plan to reclaim their position as the "world police".[6]



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