The Loyauté District (ロワイヨーテ方面 Rowaiyote Hōmen) is an archipelago territory located near to Oceania.[1]


The Loyauté District is not controlled by any one of the four world powers and is designated a Blank Area.[2]


Theoretical VeinEdit

While Oceania was being restored by the multinational coalition after the fall of the military dictatorship, the Loyauté district was used as a midway Object resupply base and Oceanian resources were being brought through it before being taken to other parts of the world.[1]

Around this time, an armed group known as Hyena carried out attacks and thefts from transport ships carrying the Oceanian resources, prompting the Legitimacy Kingdom to deploy the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion to destroy them.[1][3]

Following the destruction of Hyena, Quenser and Heivia were abducted by members of an armed group in order to deal with the Capitalist Corporations Object Charbetty, which had been carrying out firing exercises in the area in order to meet its quota.[2][4] As part of their plan to convince the two to help them, the group created a fake tragedy scene to show the two, including carving up some children to present as victims, though Quenser and Heivia saw through them, vowing to make them pay after dealing with the Object.[4][5] At the same time, Valkyrie were in the district, searching for Roybelz Oldnick, and crossed paths with the two.[6][7] After Charbetty was neutralized, the 37th, alerted by a message from Quenser relayed by Valkyrie, carried out an attack against the armed group.[8]

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