Lost Angels (ロストエンゼルス Rosutoenzerusu) is a city located in the southern end of Faith Organization's coastal Coromandel Region, along the edge of the Indian Ocean.[1]


Though Lost Angels is technically in a safe country, the city is a dangerous place, to the extent that all the local people have left. The city is full of undercover operatives from the intelligence divisions of the various world powers, posing as gangs, and other military personnel under falsified resumes, with everyone else being wanted criminals or people who can't live in any other city.[2] Factions from the four powers present in the city include Azul Hive (Legitimacy Kingdom), Crimson Party (Information Alliance), Mustard Cowboy (Capitalist Corporations) and Viridian Edge (Faith Organization).

The west and east sides of Lost Angels have been affected by a rise in land prices; one being a luxurious residential district with every house apparently having a jacuzzi and live-in doctor, and the other filled with high rise buildings, apparently polished enough to look like mirrors.[3]

The city's transformer facilities are located in the nearby mountains and are so worn out that power regularly goes out in the city.[2]

The situation at Lost Angels was apparently created for Faith Organization propaganda, faked as a convenient example of a criminal city and what happens when people lose their faith.[4]

The population of Lost Angels is about two million.[1]


Judgement -195℃Edit

During May, Quenser Barbotage and Heivia Winchell were assigned to Lost Angels to assist Azul Hive. After helping them and the 37th capture the Sarasvati, their stay was extended,[5] eventually resulting in the groups becoming involved in events surrounding the Nataraja.[6][7]


  • Luxury Coast Hotel [1]
  • Muscat Street [1]
  • Palm Street [1]
  • Pineapple Street [2]
  • Mango Square [2]
  • Hotel Grand Jackpot [8]


  • In Volume 9, several unnamed residents of Lost Angels are highlighted in bold, to indicate their actions and stories to the readers.[9] These include:
    • School Trip Students
    • College Girl in a Monokini
    • Pizza Deliveryman
    • Hot Dog Stand Owner
    • Female Police Officer
    • Worker
    • Jeweler
    • Car Thief
    • Sniper
    • RC Girl
    • Ice Cream Truck Owner
    • Woman in a Dress


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