The first chapter of Heavy Object EX: The Three Sisters who Pull In a God of War, first released together with the first Blu-Ray and DVD release for the Heavy Object anime.[1]


Quenser Barbotage and Heivia Winchell returned from a week's vacation and joined back with the 37th CMB in a military port in Madagascar. The two had a short discussion about what each did on their vacation. The duo were welcomed into the base by their comanding officer, Froleytia Capistrano. After exchanging greetings, Froleytia informed them of the 37th's mission in Madagascar: to take out the Faith Organization Object Trinity Style, stationed in the Antsiranana District to guard the Faith Organization's plantation of a newly discovered herb that could be used to obtain chemicals employed in the development of Elites.

Since the Trinity Style was considered too strong to be defeated by their Object in direct combat, the 37th had come up with a plan: a small team would infiltrate the plantation and provide laser guidance for the Baby Magnum, which would be shooting at the enemy Object from 100 km away, thanks to a special prototype long range coilgun shell. The two soldiers picked for the infiltration were Quenser and Heivia. Due to the advanced noise sensor capabilities possessed by the Trinity Style, the duo had to wear special suits designed to hide all the noise caused by their bodies that would give them away as humans while walking through the jungle.

After getting past a Faith Organization patrol and one of their power relay bases thanks to their quick thinking, their seven spy tools and a distraction caused by the 37th back in the port, Quenser and Heivia finally arrived at the plantation. There they got their first look at the Trinity Style. The two provided laser guidance to the Baby Magnum, which scored a direct hit and destroyed the Trinity Style using the prototype shell. The Faith Organization, defenseless without their Object, sent the White Flag signal, announcing their surrender to the 37th. Despite everything going according to plan, Froleytia couldn't help but be bothered at the lack of problems they had encountered in destroying a dangerous Object like the Trinity Style.

Major EventsEdit

  • After returning from a week's vacation, Quenser and Heivia are sent to the experimental battlefield Madagascar, the target being the Faith Organization Object Trinity Style.
  • Quenser and Heivia infiltrate the herb's plantation and provide laser guidance to the Baby Magnum, who destroys the Trinity Style with a special coilgun shell. The Faith Organization then sends the White Flag signal and surrender.



  • Soundproof suits
  • Seven spy tools





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11 Quenser and Heivia walking through the jungle in soundproof suits, Milinda pouting in the cockpit of the Baby Magnum Part 2 Illustration


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