Day 4 is the fourth chapter of Heavy Object: 0.01mm War.


Major EventsEdit

  • The 37th investigate the infection base and Pathogen X, encountering and fighting Kerukeion forces. On finding deadly mold set up, Catherine is infected in the process of saving Quenser.
  • The Object Dionysus/Lizard Tail is revealed to have been dropped under the guise of an asteroid. Following a scuffle with the 37th's forces, it attacks the Gatling 033. With the help of Quenser and the Cronus, it is eventually sunk.
  • Pathogen X is revealed to be Argeiphontes, a poison gas developed by Hermes Pharmaceuticals.







Pg. Description Notes
Quenser in a gas mask and Catherine Part 3 Illustration
Dionysus/Lizard Tail Object Profile


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