A History of One or the Other >> South Atlantic Civil War of Emergency Succession is the third chapter of Heavy Object: Dance With Noble Sister.


Major EventsEdit

  • The 37th moves to stop Azureyfear's Destruction Fes in the South Atlantic before it can cause a bloodbath among the spectators of the Celestial Flowers in trying to kill Heivia's fiancé. The Oceanic Driver sacrifices itself to delay the enemy and protect the civilians as long as it could. The Baby Magnum then engages the Destruction Fes, with the 37th making use of the information they received from the Oceanic Driver's efforts, the artificial aurora from the space station Princess Nikolaschka intended for the fireworks festival and the fireworks themselves.
  • As the battle nears its conclusion, Quenser realizes Azureyfear is aboard the Object despite the forces exerted being too much for a human to handle, intending to force Heivia to make a choice between her and his fiancé, and manages to board the Destruction Fes himself to stop her suicide. Following his instructions, the astronauts on the Princess Nikolaschka manage to seize control of the Orchestra System and bring the Object to a halt.
  • The Vanderbilt's daughter traces the incident to Flag Eggnog, who intended to use the disturbance between the Winchells and the Vanderbilts to cover for his gaffe as he had done before. With help from Karen I Winchell and the Winchell maids, she avoids capture by Eggnog's henchmen and confronts him as he was betrayed by the Martinis whom he'd cooperated with. Heivia arrives to save his fiancé and kills the prince in a 'duel'.


New CharactersEdit




  • South Atlantic
  • Earth Orbit Sector I-9


  • The time at which work was being completed on the Princess Nikolaschka to use the aurora against the Destruction Fes was approximately 20:30 GMT.[1]


Pg. Description Notes
209 Oceanic Driver Part 1 Object Profile
223 Destruction Fes Part 3 Object Profile
267 Karen I Winchell and the Vanderbilt's daughter Part 10 Illustration
277 Azureyfear in a pilot suit in the Destruction Fes Part 12 Illustration
320-321 Heivia embraces his fiancé Part 20 Illustration


  1. Heavy Object: Dance with Noble Sister Chapter 3 Part 4
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