Elusive Financial Source >> Ice Breaking Bombardment at Africa’s Cape of Good Hope is the second chapter of Heavy Object: Dance With Noble Sister.


Major EventsEdit

  • The 37th are deployed to the Cape of Good Hope to deal with the Spectre Q&A, an Information Alliance Object blocking the transport route with an ice flow, and plan to use it to help trace the source of the Colorful Vanilla.
  • Following the defeat of the Spectre Q&A, the 37th's ships are attacked by the Destruction Fes, an Object developed by the Information Alliance for Azureyfear using funds from the drug war. Revealing herself as the one behind the spread of Colorful Vanilla, Azureyfear moves to kill Heivia's fiancé and the rest of the Vanderbilt family with the Object.


New CharactersEdit






Pg. Description Notes
099 The Martini sisters having tea Part 1 Illustration
105 Froleytia & Azureyfear having ice lollies Part 2 Illustration
112 Heivia speaking with his fiancé Part 3 Illustration
133 An upset Milinda Part 6 Illustration
154 Spectre Q&A Part 8 Object Profile
195 Azureyfear's declaration Part 21 Illustration


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