A War of Two Birds with One Stone >> Crashed Plane Rescue Operation in the Rio Grande District is the first chapter of Heavy Object: Dance With Noble Sister.


Major EventsEdit

  • Following a surprise inspection ahead of a noble's visit, the 37th are dispatched to rescue a transport plane which was shot down and crashed in the Rio Grande District, with assistance from Black Uniform Special Platoon 15. The Baby Magnum fights against the Capitalist Corporations Object Antlion.
  • On reaching the wreckage, Quenser and Heivia discover ergots used to produce the drug Colorful Vanilla. The Special 15th attempt to erase the drug war evidence, together with the 37th's soldiers, but are stopped and sniped by Heivia's sister Azureyfear Winchell. The 15th's lieutenant, Meena Stinger, is sniped while being confronted by Froleytia.


New CharactersEdit






Pg. Description Notes
025 Meena Stinger in a swimsuit Part 2 Illustration
044 Unverified Part 5 Illustration
084 Unverified Part 11 Illustration


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