Heavy Object Volume 11
Dance with Noble Sister
Heavy Object v11
Title in Japanese ヘヴィーオブジェクト バニラ味の化学式
Rōmaji Translation Hevī Obujekuto Banira Aji no Kagaku-shiki
Date of Release February 10, 2016 [1]
ISBN Numbers ISBN 978-4-04-865764-8
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Heavy Object: Dance with Noble Sister (ヘヴィーオブジェクト バニラ味の化学式 Hevī Obujekuto Banira Aji no Kagaku-shiki, lit. "Vanilla Flavour's Chemical Formula") is the eleventh volume of the Heavy Object light novel series, released on February 10, 2016.[1]

A 23-page preview was released on Dengeki Bunko's official site a few days prior to release.[2]

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Heivia's gorgeous younger sister makes an appearance in the latest installment of this near-future action series by Kazuma Kamachi!

A retrieval mission of a crashed transport vehicle is launched in Central America. A hotspot contested by an enemy nation, the scorching sun, countless landmines, Objects deployed... Quenser and Heivia, who are thrown right in the middle of this terrible cocktail of circumstances, despite the toxicity break through the desert minefield. "It would be better if they at least have topless ladies to wait for us..." However, they discover a synthetic compound that pollutes the world, Colorful Vanilla. Moreover, in the middle of the war related to the substance's origins, one of the influential nobles of the Legitimacy Kingdom, Heivia's beautiful younger sister Azureyfear calls forth a blitz-like summon...?

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: A War of Two Birds with One Stone >> Crashed Plane Rescue Operation in the Rio Grande District
  • Chapter 2: Elusive Financial Source >> Ice Breaking Bombardment at Africa’s Cape of Good Hope
  • Chapter 3: A History of One or the Other >> South Atlantic Civil War of Emergency Succession
  • Epilogue



Pg. Description Notes
N/A Azureyfear Winchell & Destruction Fes Front Cover Illustration
N/A Color Illustration 1
N/A Contents/Index with Object information
N/A Azureyfear Winchell profile Color Illustration 2, Character Profile
N/A Scenes from three chapters of story with Quenser Barbotage, Heivia Winchell, Milinda Brantini, the Vanderbilt family's daughter, Azureyfear Winchell and Kevin Color Illustration 3, Spread
N/A Black Opening Cover Start Cover
N/A Destruction Fes Rear Cover


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