Heavy Object Volume 10
The Outer Gods
Heavy Object v10
Title in Japanese ヘヴィーオブジェクト 外なる神
Rōmaji Translation Hevī Obujekuto: Sotonarukami
Date of Release October 10, 2015 [1]
ISBN Numbers ISBN 978-4-04-865452-4
Price 590 Yen [1]
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Heavy Object: The Outer Gods (ヘヴィーオブジェクト 外なる神, Hevī Obujekuto Sotonarukami) is the tenth volume of the Heavy Object light novel series, released on October 10, 2015.[1]

Publisher's SummaryEdit

"...This is nuts."

The Gigant Hustler. This is a massive joint military exercise involving eight Objects sent by each of the four world powers. Of course, they call it so, but what will actually happen is an outright slaughter between the participants. Before this eight-way Object battle royale could begin, the ladylike Milinda Brantini tapped her forehead and muttered those words again.

"This is totally nuts."

Meanwhile, Quenser is given another mission just after doing the annoyed Princess a favor. To fail means that her Object would be cut off from any assistance! And how did he meet the fate of being challenged into a certain-death date in a new weapons trade fair?

And in the other side of an unprecedented festival disturbance, a man given the "Evil God's Name" sneaks itself in...

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: The Season in Which the Flower of Hell Blooms >> Battle for the Arctic Course through the White Sea District
  • Chapter 2: Rapidly Growing Conspiracy Theory >> Joint Military Exercise in the Kariba District
  • Chapter 3: Sixth Branch of the Army in Full Bloom >> Disturbance Intervention in the Soberania District
  • Epilogue


  • The volume is the 3000th title released by Dengeki Bunko.[2]


Pg. Description Notes
N/A Milinda Brantini & "Oh ho ho" Front Cover Illustration
N/A Miskatonic Color Illustration 1
N/A Mobius Infinity information Contents/Index with Object information
N/A Milinda Brantini & "Oh ho ho" profiles Color Illustration 2, Character Profile
N/A Scenes from three chapters of story with Quenser Barbotage, Heivia Winchell, Milinda Brantini and Froleytia Capistrano, as well as Newsmaker, Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep Color Illustration 3, Spread
009 Black Opening Cover Start Cover
027 Milinda after falling on top of Quenser
057 Quenser and Heivia after being tossed into the mud swamp by a exploding Flying Fish
091 Quenser begs Yog-Sothoth for help
124 Baby Magnum & Royal Residence schematics Schematics Page
125 Gatling 033 & ECM110 schematics Schematics Page
126 Spider Joust & Mobius Infinity schematics Schematics Page
127 Self Deception & Sand Cluster schematics Schematics Page
163 Milinda fights Oh Ho Ho during the Gigant Hustler
191 Milinda finishes off the Mobius Infinity
215 Froleytia relaxes on a beach chair as she gives a briefing
245 Miskatonic schematics Schematics Page
253 Quenser and Heivia aim their weapons at each other
301 Heivia sees Quenser's photo of Froleytia through his scope
322 Heivia visits Quenser in his cell
332 Nyarlathotep in a bar
N/A Miskatonic Rear Cover


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