The Treasure of the Sea Dyed Deep Red >> Defensive Battle in the Solomon District is the third chapter of Heavy Object: Theoretical Vein.


Major EventsEdit

  • Quenser and Heivia to assassinate the excommunicated cardinal Roybelz Oldnick, while the Baby Magnum fights the Charbetty.
  • Crossing paths with Valkyrie again as the cardinal flees into an oceanic extraction plant, Quenser and Heivia learn that Oldnick is cooperating with the Capitalist Corporations on a plot that could cause thousands in Oceania to die from starvation.
  • After Oldnick's death by a shot from the Charbetty, Quenser and Heivia are targeted by the vengeful enemy. During the duo's efforts to defeat it, the tungsten plant is heavily damaged.


New CharactersEdit





  • The method of artificial platinum production that Oldnick supposedly has knowledge of, the Treasure of Electron Mathematics (電子数学の財宝 Denshi Sāgaku no Zaihō), provides the volume's Japanese subtitle.


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