A Coal Mine that Scatters Stacks of Cash >> Nighttime Surprise Blitzkrieg on the Kamchatka Peninsula is the second chapter of Heavy Object: Global Shadow.


Major EventsEdit

  • The 37th carry out a nighttime attack on a Faith Organization military coal mine on the Kamchatka Peninsula, with the 24th Mobile Maintenance Battalion acting as a dummy force.
  • The operation is jeopardized by a traitor within the 37th, leading to several fatalities. Quenser and Heivia find out that the mine is actually a diamond mine run by a civilian anti-war group. They realize that the Faith Organization higher-ups intend to have them killed in the battle between Objects, in a way which supports their purposes and intentions for war.
  • After defeating the traitor, who attacked them with a powered suit, Quenser and Heivia manage to incapacitate the Archangel and contact Froleytia. However the Indigo Plasma, on another side that also wishes for war, fires on the diamond mine, but due to contact and actions carried out by the anti-war group earlier, a slaughter doesn't occur.


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Adapted in:

  • Anime: Episodes 17, 18 & 19
  • Manga: N/A



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