A Grave of Junk is a Mountain of Rare Metals >> Interception at the Remains of the Alaska Battlefield is the first chapter of Heavy Object: Global Shadow.


Major EventsEdit

  • The Baby Magnum and Gatling 033 battle over the Water Strider's wreckage in Alaska.
  • Quenser manages to get in the enemy's cockpit during a pit-stop and after forcing the Elite to take the strategic AI offline, tricks her into thinking there is a bomb counting down in the cockpit, leading her to eject.






Adapted in:

  • Anime: Episodes 15 & 16
  • Manga: Heavy Object A Chapters 1 - 7


  • The events in this chapter occur approximately 2 months after the destruction of the Water Strider.[1]


  1. Heavy Object: Global Shadow Chapter 1 Part 1
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