Tom Thumb Runs through the Oil Field >> Battle to Prevent Passage through Gibraltar (親指トムは油田を走る>>ジブラルタル通行阻止戦 Oyayubitomu wa Yuden o Hashiru >> Jiburarutaru Tsūkō Soshi-sen) is the second chapter of Heavy Object.


Major EventsEdit

  • Quenser and Heivia are ordered to assist the Baby Magnum from behind-the-scenes in preventing the oil-carrying Object, Tri-Core, from breaking through the Strait of Gibraltar and resupplying a blockaded base.
  • The Tri-Core attacks and sinks the base zones while the Baby Magnum is undergoing maintenance for the battle, throwing Quenser, Heivia and Froleytia into the sea. Quenser and Heivia are caught up in the Tri-Core's movement and manage to climb onto its deck, ending up in a firefight on the Object's onboard maintenance base.
  • After detonating the oil tank fails to incapacitate the Tri-Core and with the Baby Magnum at risk as the enemy attempts to cut its attack power, Quenser manages to destroy the Tri-Core by disabling its shark anchors, causing it to lose its balance and collapse.






Adapted in:

  • Anime: Episodes 4, 5
  • Manga: Heavy Object S Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5


  • The first part of the chapter's title refers to Tom Thumb.


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