A Laser Space Elevator (レーザー式軌道エレベーター Rēzā-shiki Kidō Erebētā, lit. Laser-type Orbital Elevator) is a spacecraft launch mechanism, used by several of the world powers.


Although called a space elevator, the laser space elevator doesn't make use of a tether or cable, instead making use of a powerful laser to stimulate diffuse reflections and explosively expand the air beneath a container or craft, launching it upwards.[1] In explosively expanding the air, the laser space elevator generates extremely high temperatures.[2] One of the components used in a laser space elevator is liquid prism technology.[3]


About 20 years ago, with rocket engine shuttles being too expensive for large scale space development, new methods were considered in order to enable it, with laser space elevators being one of them. At the end of the adoption war in the Capitalist Corporations, the two remaining methods were mass drivers using railgun technology and laser space elevators. The Capitalist Corporations eventually decided to go with laser space elevators, with Major General Buffer Planters being the driving force behind this decision.[4]

The Legitimacy Kingdom and Information Alliance also began using laser space elevators.[5][6] The Faith Organization also makes use of the technology.[7]


An Audition WarEdit

Due to the Capitalist Corporations' decision to make laser space elevators their official launch method, the Mass Driver Conglomerate split away from them, making an attempt to assassinate Buffer Planters on the moon as they did so.[8] During their migration, they made their way towards the Amazon District, where a Legitimacy Kingdom space development base using a laser space elevator was situated.[5][6]

The Coming of Third GenerationEdit

The Broad Sky Saber had a laser space elevator incorporated into its design and made use of it during Dimiksy Nikolaschka's attempt to kill Staivia Nikolaschka under the guise of a royal duel between Objects in the Amazon District.[9]

The Three Sisters who Pull In a God of WarEdit

The Trinity Style made use of a laser container cannon, effectively a laser space elevator titled on its side.[7]


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