Name in Japanese クロンダイク
Rōmaji Translation Kurondaiku
» Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 23
Voice Actor (Japanese) Shinpachi Tsuji
Voice Actor (English) Mark Stoddard
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Faith Organization

Klondike (クロンダイク Kurondaiku) is a religious figure from the Faith Organization, appearing in the Heavy Object anime.[1][2]


As with other members of the Faith Organization, Klondike's name is derived from a cocktail including whisky.


Klondike has light grey hair with a dark grey beard and eyebrows, grey eyes. He also has glasses and has blue earrings. He wears a blue garb with yellow trimmings, with an orange robe over it.[1]


Klondike adheres to a philosophy involving non-violence, non-compliance and non-resistance.[1]


Originating from the Faith Organization, Klondike preached his philosophy of non-violence, non-compliance and non-resistance, gaining followers across the four world powers. His ideology was considered troublesome by the Faith Organization, such that they would rather not have him in their home country, but his influence would have led to an international incident if he was killed. The other world powers weren't keen on him being on their territory either, but took it in turns to accept him providing he left as soon as possible, resulting in Klondike being passed around between the world powers like a game of Old Maid.[1]


A Requiem for the Flowers Blooming in the Field (Anime-Only)Edit

At some point not long after the defeat of Prizewell City Slicker, Klondike was to be exchanged between the Legitimacy Kingdom and the Information Alliance, with the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion representing the Legitimacy Kingdom in the exchange at the Alps, observed by Objects from each of the four world powers.[1]

After a night of being entertained at karaoke by Froleytia Capistrano, Klondike went with an escort from the 37th. Before he left, Klondike spoke with Quenser Barbotage, mentioning how though he was considered a hero for destroying Objects as a person, he would be a real one if he had saved the Elites piloting those Objects when he did so. When Flide distorted Milinda Brantini's perception with the Mirror of Truth, effectively sending the Baby Magnum out of control, the escort truck was caught in the bombardment, injuring Klondike, Froleytia and the other soldiers riding it.[1]

Froleytia and Klondike were able to escape being killed in the crossfire as the Baby Magnum fought with the Gatling 033, long enough for Quenser and the rest of the 37th to put a plan into action to save Milinda. After Milinda was safely rescued from the Object, just as he had expressed to Quenser earlier, Klondike remarked that the youths were a sign of change in the world, for better or worse.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Klondike has sufficient skill in preaching his philosophy to gather a considerable following and influence across the four world powers.[1]



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