Name in Japanese ケビン
Rōmaji Translation Kebin
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 11
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Age Middle-aged[1]
Classification Soldier
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
37th CMB

Kevin (ケビン Kebin) is a soldier of the Legitimacy Kingdom's 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion.[2]


Kevin has slicked back brown hair and a slightly gaunt face.[3]


Kevin has been described as gloomy and admitted to being ashamed about his unmarried status at his age, such that he would lie to cover it up.[1][4]


Due to being ashamed about not being married at his age, Kevin lied when asked, claiming he had a wife Marie and a son Wells, and over time he continued lying and the lie snowballed.[4] He does however have a brother who is an astronaut in the Legitimacy Kingdom's space program.[5][6]


Dance with Noble SisterEdit

Kevin was involved in the 37th's operation on the Cape of Good Hope, and during it made repeated references to his 'wife' and 'kid', which made his few soldiers worried that he might summon the grim reaper and take them with him.[7][1]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a soldier, Kevin can be assumed to have some knowledge in the use of firearms and other military subjects. He is capable of operating an Armadillo.[1]


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