Kerukeion (ケリュケイオン Keryukeion) is a bioethics group from the Faith Organization's Greek Mythology faction.[1]


Kērukeion (meaning "herald's staff" in Greek) or the caduceus is the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology.


A group in charge of bioethics belonging to the Faith Organization's Greek Mythology faction, Kerukeion are described as being insane, armed warriors of the 'we can use it but no one else can' stance.[1]

Kerukeion's special forces are secretly backed by Hermes Pharmaceuticals, who supplied them with the chemical weapon Argeiphontes.[2]

The group's symbol, tattooed on the arms of their members from wrist to elbow, is that of two snakes coiled around a single staff.[1]


At some point in the past, Kerukeion set their sights on the infection base in Second Venice, but were unable to penetrated the defenses. As part of a secondary plan to get through to the infection base, the Dionysus was embedded into the Appetizer Asteroid to be dropped onto the city and support them after the impact left the city's defenses down.[3][4]


0.01mm WarEdit

Kerukeion were the instigators of the incident in Second Venice, having been targeting the infection base in the floating city. Using the devastation caused by Appetizer Asteroid, which left the Information Alliance military guards in disarray, Kerukeion took over the infection base facility, setting up mold in order to spread the Argeiphontes poison but encountering difficulties inside the flooded facilities.[4] On the fourth day, Kerukeion members fought with soldiers from the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion who were investigating the infection base.[1]


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