The Kamchatka Peninsula (カムチャッカ半島 Kamuchakka Hantō) is a territory of the Faith Organization, located in the far north-eastern corner of Asia and formerly part of Russia.


Due to the Faith Organization's fourth submarine base construction plan and a large scale earthquake in the Bering Sea, a 150km stretch of the eastern coastline has been converted into a giant ria coast by carving out the ocean surface for submarines, stretching about 90km inland. Large radars have been installed in various locations along the ria coast in order to improve the targeting accuracy of the Archangel. The eastern coast is also patrolled by UAVs.[1]


Global ShadowEdit

The 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion carried out a nighttime operation on a military coal mine on the peninsula, together with the 24th, which was jeopardized by a spy in the unit. However the mine was actually a diamond mine run by an anti-war group, which the Faith Organization military intended to get slaughtered in the battle between the Legitimacy Kingdom's Objects and their Archangel, and use the reaction to perpetuate the war between the two factions - a fact that members of the 37th discovered during the conflict. After the Archangel fell, the rogue 24th's Indigo Plasma fired on the mine, however the anti-war group's members had managed to evacuate by submarine beforehand and began the procedure to defect to the Legitimacy Kingdom.[2]


  • Diamond mine

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